Getting the Love You Want – October 24th & 25th, 2020

Our First Virtual Imago Workshop for Couples

Getting the Love You Want

'It feels like the beginning of the relationship I have always wanted. - Joshua M.'

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This 2-day workshop is uniquely designed for couples in all stages of relationship to restore safety, connection and passion. You will learn the most effective communication skills for couples and gain a new understanding of yourself, your partner and your relationship and why you keep getting caught in the same cycles of arguments. Couples leave this workshop with a roadmap for how to have more passion and intimacy in their relationship.

This workshop is a transformative experience for all couples. There is no personal sharing required with the larger group. The format includes lectures, written exercises, guided imagery, live demonstrations and practice of communication skills within the privacy of your own relationship.

This workshop is for you if…

  • You keep getting caught in destructive patterns of relating
  • You are a parent and want to create a healthy environment for your children
  •  You are beginning a relationship you want to keep
  •  You have a good relationship and want to make it even stronger

What some of our clients have had to say after attending one of our workshops:

“This workshop brought my husband and I back to why we fell in love” – Elise O.

“It feels like the beginning of the relationship that I’ve always wanted.”

“If you attend with an open mind, you will walk away with a completely changed perspective of your partner and relationship. We learned critical tools for maintaining a healthy, enjoyable marriage.” J.S.

Location: Zoom Conference
Dates: October 24th & 25th, 2020
Saturday Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Sunday Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Cost: $695.00