adults_picExplore Therapy For the Individual

Within the context of a strong therapeutic relationship we help individuals better understand themselves and their relationship patterns. We help clients develop more adaptive ways of coping with their negative emotions and teach them ways of communicating them more effectively. These positive changes often lead to a greater sense of hope and empowerment enabling clients to feel greater life satisfaction.

Some areas of concern for individuals might be:

  • Relationship difficulties
  • Anxiety or stress related issues
  • Depression, sadness or grief
  • Exploration of trauma or abuse and their impact
  • Clarifying values, goals, careers and life-vision
  • Assistance with life transitions

Aim of individual therapy could include:

  • To feel more alive
  • To feel more connected to others
  • To become a more integrated person
  • To become a more skilled communicator
  • To Learn the art of differentiation in relationships
  • To improve feelings of self-worth