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The Imago Way, has helped hundreds of couples to reconnect and create stronger relationships. Spreading our knowledge and working with couples who are struggling, or who simply want to improve their relationships, motivates us everyday.

It brings us so much joy to know we have helped hundreds of couples reconnect and start living a much healthier, open and loving life. See how some of our clients talk about their time in our workshops and how the experience has helped them reconnect, rejuvenate and revitalize their relationships and families.


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What our Clients Say about The Imago Way

The following quotes are from our Imago Workshop participants:

“If you attend with an open mind, you will walk away with a completely changed perspective of your partner and relationship. We learned critical tools for maintaining a healthy, enjoyable marriage.” J.S.

“This was the best money my husband and I have ever spent on ourselves.”

“It feels like the beginning of the relationship that I’ve always wanted.”

“I came feeling desperate, and I leave feeling loved.”

“We are bringing home very good tools to be better and more supportive partners.”

“I reconnected with my partner in a positive way, which I thought was impossible.”

“The leaders were accessible, extremely knowledgeable and inviting.”

“Linda’s storytelling ability made all her points on relationship come alive.”

“Linda and Marisa as mom and daughter team work well together and are in sync. There is a wonderful dynamic between them.”

“It was amazing! Really gave me insight to myself and my relationships. I promise you this will be the best money you have ever spent. It changed my life.”

“This is an outstanding process expertly facilitated by the Schnapp’s. I will absolutely recommend this workshop to others.”