Welcome to our Blog. We are a mother/daughter team, a social worker and a psychologist, both Imago Relationship Therapists, with decades of training and experience committed to help couples and individuals with the challenges of committed love relationships. We provide psychotherapy and intensives in our offices and do 2-day Imago Workshops for couples and individuals several times a year.

  • We are about keeping families together and fostering healthy environments for them to grow up in
  • We are about empowering people by teaching skills them the skills to do relationship better
  • We are about helping couples re-connect, re-build and re-romanticize their relationship
  • We are about helping people better understand themselves, their partner and their relationship so they be more successful in their relationships and their lives.
  • We are about helping people break destructive patterns of relating.
  • We are about creating a new experience of safety, joy and aliveness in couples.
  • We believe that in most cases, hope can be restored and relationships can be saved.

We absolutely live what we teach and have had great success with it both professionally and personally. We use the Imago principles and techniques with our clients, in our relationship with each other, in our marriages and in many of our other relationships. We feel grateful to be able to do this work together and a partnership that is proof of the effectiveness of this approach.

Linda and I share a love of learning and a deep passion for our work. We will be using this blog to share the things that excite us in our field, including new learnings, re-learnings and insights as they relate to relationships, marriage and parenting. So, just like we ask our clients and workshop participants to stretch out of their comfort zones, we will be doing the same on this Blog. We’re glad to have you along for the journey. We welcome your feedback and questions. Enjoy!